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Alpha IT has been providing computer services for some time now and has a reputation for being fast, efficient and affordable. If we can't solve your problem we won't take a penny from you. Furthermore, we are so sure that once we fix your computer issue, you won't have the same problem again that we guarantee our repairs up to 3months. Have a look through some of our more common services below for more information.

Computer Repair

Is your computer's performance as good as it should be? Sluggish performance, regular shutdowns and all-round poor performance can be particularly frustrating when you are busiest and relying on it.

We at Alpha IT can carry out a full system analysis to determine the cause of the trouble and work to isolate the problem. We can then carry out a full repair service to bring your computer back up to the standard it should be working at.

Bespoke Computer Development

Looking to invest in a new computer? Look no further, we at Alpha IT offer bespoke computer development. You just tell us know what you want from a computer and we will develop a system tailored to your exact requirements - and without adding on unneeded software.

Take the hassle out of searching online for a computer and the time spent trying to understand the jargon surrounding each offer, and let Alpha IT do all the work for you. Our computer development is suitable for all sorts of end-user - from home users, small businesses, to gamers and power users.

Computer Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential requirement to hassle-free computing. You wouldn't drive your car without changing the oil and having regular services carried out to ensure best performance and extent it's lifespan and usefulness. In the same way, your computer also needs regular care and attention in order to keep it performing to it's best capability.

If your computer has not had a service for over 6 months, then its time to give us a call.


At Alpha IT we can carry out installation of a computer network in your home or office. Whether you want each computer to have internet access, the ability to share files between computers, or even have one printer that serves all your computers, networking is the solution.

Networks can be wireless or wired; trailing wires throughout rooms can be unsightly, cumbersome and inconvenient and so we usually suggest solving this with a wireless setup.

Computer Upgrades

If your PC no longer meets your requirements or is running out of storage space or memory, the team at Alpha IT can give you advice on the choices available to you. You don't always have to go to the expense of buying a new machine simply because your memory is running low or out of storage space - a simple upgrade may be all you need.

Alpha IT can take the hassle out of making your machine do what you want it to, by finding the right parts for it, installing them and testing to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Contact us now for a free quote / consultation.

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