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Eircom confirms DNS compromise

It has been confirmed today by Eircom that their Domain Name Servers (DNS) were indeed compromised last week.

An Eircom spokesperson told, an Irish technology blog, that; "Our initial investigations and what we've seen definitely confirms there was a cache-poisoning attack. This is effectively the redirection of traffic to false websites."

Eircom users have been suffering from slow service and incorrect DNS responses since at least early last week. Many users on continued to report a slow service over the last few days and switching to OpenDNS as the solution to their problems.

The spokesperson further went onto state;

"There was a moderate level attack and as a result of that people were getting redirected to incorrect websites. We took a number of measures – including restrictions on DNS – and they may well have impacted on service levels.

"We strengthened our systems around the filtering of unwanted or suspected traffic within IP ranges and adjusted parameters that control and optimise system performance.

"After we identified the cache poising we also saw increased levels of activities that were worrying and could have been a sign of something bigger.

"It was a moderate level attack that caused irregular and unusual traffic patterns and as a result we took steps that stopped the cache poisoning but certainly as we took these steps on security they also impacted customer experience

"We haven't seen any further attempts at cache poisoning since last week.

"We have stabilised the network and we have also taken a number of steps including installing additional DNS servers. This weekend we are starting an upgrade and replacement of some of our service routers," he told

"DNS Cache Poisoning" is a malicious situation whereby data sent to a caching Domain Name System server did not originate from authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) resulting in non-authentic data to the clients of the server. Eircom users initially found that when they visited popular websites like Facebook, Bebo and RTE they were redirected to advertising portals with pictures of scantily clad women.
Posted by Kevin on 17th Jul 09 at 21:21

The aftermath of the Eircom DNS problems

Eircom customers will be glad to know that the issues they have been experiencing with their Internet over the last week have now been resolved. In a statement released from Eircom today they ensure us that they are "working continuously to minimise the impact for customers and has taken a number of steps, including software updates and hardware interventions, to fully restore internet service."

You can read the full announcement here.

For those of you who have switched over to OpenDNS, you do not need to change your settings. OpenDNS is a free, widely respected and trusted alternative DNS provider which allows people to use their service. You will not experience any problems as a result of moving to OpenDNS, everything will remain the exact same such as sending and receiving emails using your Eircom account. If Eircom suffer an outage in the future, you will not be effected if you remain with OpenDNS.
Posted by Kevin on 7th Jul 09 at 22:19

Eircom DNS Server Problems

Customers of Eircom, Ireland's largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) have been experiencing serious Domain Name Server (DNS) slowdowns and weirdness over the past few weeks. Users from different parts of the country reported that trying to open legit websites - such as and - were often redirected to advertising pages. This has fulled speculation that Eircom's DNS have been compromised.

As the issue seems to remain ongoing at the time of writing this article, we recommend Eircom users temporarily switch to OpenDNS - a free DNS service used by millions of home users as well as organizations worldwide. This free service has many useful features and will allow Eircom users to continue browsing as normal without the risk of being infected with malware or being redirected to another destination. For instructions on using OpenDNS, follow their online tutorial here.
Posted by Kevin on 6th Jul 09 at 19:27


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My name is Kevin and I will be one of the blogging team for Alpha IT. For now, the blog will be kept small and simple with semi-regular updates on special offers and important announcments.

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